We help under-resourced women in our community
start and grow their own business



A profitable, fair and sustainable business
isn’t easy to start on your own
we are better together


The Uncommon Collective is a non-profit – but we’re not a handout or a charity. We are an incubator and a support system for capable yet under-resourced women.

It’s hard enough to start a business on your own.
But belief can be especially hard to achieve when you feel unheard and undervalued. That’s why we believe we are better together.

We provide financial support, a mentor ally, and business guidance to owners-to-be with the desire to succeed.

We help them operate and eventually own their own profitable, fair and sustainable business.

Because one woman making this change for herself, her family and her community – has a generational and social impact that goes beyond just business.

That’s why we are an “uncommon collection” of diverse people, coming together to create a path for women – a path toward the equality, understanding and possibility our city needs.


We empower women to change their circumstances
and change the lives of their children and communities
through the dignity of work and ownership




Would you like to find out more about mentor-ship, volunteer, or donor opportunities?

Maybe you or someone you know is interested in becoming a business owner?

Either way, we would love to meet you over a cup of coffee, hear your story, and learn more.

Please tell us your name. We'd love to get acquainted! *
Please tell us your name. We'd love to get acquainted!